The Foundation for a Growing Company?
Infor SyteLine: A World-Class ERP Solution

The heart and soul of an ERP system relies in the foundation it is created on. Like a house, an unstable or limited foundation, yields the same for any structure that is built on it. In the technology world, downstream issues with an applications foundation are commonly called “systemic”, meaning they are pervasive throughout the entire application.

However, when the foundation is so solid, open, and extensive that it embodies the ERP system that it’s built on, the sky’s the limit. Infor SyteLine ERP (CloudSuite Industrial) is precisely that system.

Built with the user in mind, the supporting technology (codename “Mongoose”) places the complete power of the development technology in the hands of your company. Mongoose in its simplest form makes creating, updating and personalizing applications a breeze. Leverage the power of the expansive “personalization” capabilities of Mongoose, along with complete customer roll-forward personalization technology. The Mongoose technology delivers full roll-forward of all personalization from service pack-to-service pack and version-to-version.

Everything created with Mongoose technology is 100% Microsoft .Net. That includes its SQL Server base as well as every screen and piece of code. Mongoose is simply developer/user facing functionality that makes fitting the software to anyone’s unique needs faster and easier. Eliminate any middleware from impacting the capabilities or speed of the application for the user.

With Mongoose, Infor SyteLine (CloudSuite Industrial) offers unique personalization technology designed to fit the intricacies of your industry. It does this while conforming to the uniqueness you have built into your specific company operations that provide you with industry differentiating competitive advantages. No software application can build in every company’s competitive advantages. First of all, it is an impossible task. Second, no company could differentiate itself from a technology perspective. Therefore, Infor created what you need to leverage your industry’s differentiating competitive advantages. You will find it all in Mongoose. We deliver best-in-class results.

No matter what the technology requirement …
  • Microsoft SQL Server platform
  • Flexible metadata framework
  • Flexible Mongoose Toolset
  • Personalization
  • Automate business processes
  • Intelligent Data Objects (IDOs)
  • Industry or company-specific new functionality
  • System management
  • Flexible deployment
  • Microsoft integration
Infor SyteLine (CloudSuite Industrial) has you covered …
  • Excellent user experiences. Personalize your user interface (UI) to fit your particular industry, team, or an individual user. Add, remove, and edit fields/tables, labels, and complete screens without having to call on IT for help. Get the information you need, when you need it with easy-to-use grid forms. Plus, reduce or eliminate costly modifications of competitive systems that hamper your ability to upgrade.
  • Extend any screen by adding launch buttons, tabs for organizing data, new fields, validation logic and embedded controls.
  • Streamline internal business processes with application event system in SyteLine. Automate your system without modifying your source code, and improve your workflow in the process. When you upgrade your system, you’ll automatically upgrade your events at the same time.
  • Discover the power of Intelligent Data Objects (IDOs), which define table/data relationships in one place and are referenced extensively throughout SyteLine. Extend them to add your own user defined fields, calculated fields, tables, etc. This makes reporting and viewing information, along with processing information more dynamic and easy to maintain.
  • Add new capabilities to SyteLine that adapt to your unique business processes and allow you to support your own specific industry requirements.
  • Utilize the built-in SyteLine system manager to assign group and personal security with complete audit tracking.
  • Deploy SyteLine as it makes sense for your organization, whether it’s On Premise, Hosted, Software as a Service (SaaS/Cloud), also whether single or multi-tenant.
  • Take advantage of conveniently built integration with MS Outlook, Word, Excel, Projects, SharePoint and PowerPoint to make your work and life easier.
  • Easy integration of new companies. If you bought a new business today, could you have it up and running quickly? With SyteLine, you can add a new company to your organizational structure, replicate your data, and be good to go — while you continue business as usual. Plus, when you sell off an old business, you can easily separate data. You can also go to one place for financial information, since your financial reporting solution is integrated within Business.

The Infor SyteLine (CloudSuite Industrial) Mongoose advantage sets the foundation to dramatically improve business efficiency, customer service, and overall manufacturing productivity for a broad range of industries. This includes industrial machinery and equipment, metal fabrication, medical devices, high tech and electronics, and much more. Designed by experts in application development to make their job of building applications faster and easier, Mongoose’s personalization capabilities deliver to SyteLine less customization, shorter implementation time, and fewer IT resources to maintain. You’ll see a fast return on your investment and lower total cost of ownership over the long term.

Infor SyteLine Benefits

Infor SyteLine Benefits
Infor SyteLine is proving to be a strong tool

The combination of The Lake Companies along with Infor SyteLine is proving to be a strong tool for our end users to be clearly guided in their daily job operations.

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