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Grow Your Customer Base And Manage Them Like Never Before

Within manufacturing companies today, considerable time is commonly lost trying to find answers to the plethora of questions that come from customers. Managing customer relationships by running around is interruptive, time-consuming, and inefficient. In turn, this results in frustrated customers and workers which can have a ripple effect throughout the organization.

The measureless array of questions asked by your customers can be managed and handled more proficiently with Infor SyteLine (CloudSuite Industrial). Questions can involve pricing, availability, quotes, follow-ups, orders, support, warranty tracking, or parts replacement. Whatever the case, SyteLine has you in the ‘know’ at all times.

No matter what your Customer Service challenges …
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Customer 360°
  • Field Service
  • Depot Service
  • Service & Repair
  • Mobile Service Management
  • Return Processing
  • Issue/Incident Tracking
  • Product/Product Component Traceability
  • Warranty Tracking
  • Support/Service Plans
Infor SyteLine (CloudSuite Industrial) has you covered …
  • Respond to customer requests quickly, no matter what the need, saving you time and improving customer relationships.
  • Track and manage service work orders for faster completion of service requests, more accurate billing, and greater customer satisfaction.
  • Gain visibility into each technician’s schedule, route, certification level, and experience, quickly matching the right technician with the right need.
  • Increase call resolution rates without losing time due to non-essential trips back to the warehouse.
  • Give your call center easy access to detailed data for fast response to inquiries and work order status.
  • Schedule preventative maintenance for internal assets in order to prevent unexpected downtime.
  • Track and manage service level agreements with maximum efficiency.
  • Complete visibility into the contract details, unit, and service history improves decision-making and creates opportunities to upsell or extend service agreements.
  • Manage product returns for repair, refurbishment, or shipment to a third party vendor.
  • Access complete historical data, including customer profile, unit description, contract status, and service history.
  • Analyze data down to the detail level using integrated data, total visibility, and accurate tracking.
  • Flexible reporting will aid you in decision making, planning, and providing engineering with valuable information needed to adapt product or part designs.

Small to mid-sized companies can boost both top and bottom line performance by improving their focus on servicing their customers with Infor SyteLine (CloudSuite Industrial). Get seamless, end-to-end customer service no matter how broad that may be defined in your organization. By providing instant access to real-time information, whether it is the status of an order, or even how often you replaced a circuit board or other component on their equipment, SyteLine gives you the tools to professionally manage your customer service with precision and accuracy. The Lake Companies will add incredible efficiency and simplicity to your company, as we’ve added great success to diverse companies for over 30 years. Don’t wait, call us today!

Infor SyteLine Benefits

Infor SyteLine Benefits
Contributed to our lean initiatives

We’ve used SyteLine Doc-Trak to document service notes, inspection instructions, part specifications, drawings, engineering change notices and more. Users have access to the full history associated with manufacturing a part without leaving their desk. These time and cost-saving principles have contributed to our lean initiatives at Hayes.

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The Lake Companies, Inc. is a Wisconsin based organization that services Infor SyteLine (CloudSuite Industrial) customers in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Upper Michigan.
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