The SUN is Ready to Rise on Your Organization

SUN Conference 2017

Yes, that is true. The SUN will rise on your organization, but only if you let it. More specifically, the SyteLine User Network (SUN) is celebrating a huge milestone this year. SUN’s 30th Anniversary Annual Conference will take place February 26-28th, 2018 at the Hyatt Regency DFW in Dallas, Texas.

©SyteLine User Network

From our standpoint, the SUN group should add a tagline to their name. “For Users, By Users” would say it all. This group has been a tireless promoter of SyteLine (CSI) and every annual conference shows that dedication even more. They really care about you.

So why should you have at least one person and preferably 2-3 people at the conference? Here are 3 compelling reasons:

  1. SUN is for users, by users. Even though the conference has sponsors, which The Lake Companies is one of the largest, there is so much content delivered by individual users. These people dedicate time and energy to share their passion of SyteLine via amazing ideas and diverse use cases. They don’t hold back with just a presentation. They are a person, happy to meet you, talk to you, share thoughts and ideas, and in situations where they might not have the answer to your problem, will point you in the right direction.
  2. ©SyteLine User Network | Greg Lake talks to SyteLine Users at last years conference

  3. One person cannot be in all places at once. There are 6 breakout sessions running at the same time, with compelling content vying for your undivided attention. You need multiple people to take it all in. With multiple people, your team will not feel alone and will have the ability to do what there never seems to be time for at the office. That being to talk, strategize, and engage in internal conversations about what they have seen, and then to have private conversations with experts for follow-up questions.
  4. This amazing collection of resources will never show up at your office. They are assembled in the only way you will ever have access to them all. That is by leveraging them at a conference. It is absolutely worth your time and effort to be there, no matter how busy those people are.

Interestingly, the only people you will find at the event that aren’t completely into SyteLine are the conference center’s wait staff. This conference is the best and easiest way to get more out of your SyteLine software.

  1. Another reason (there are so many more than just 3) to attend the SUN conference is…you will develop long and lasting relationships with other SyteLine (CSI) users. Sometimes a sounding board is all you need to get things done. You will find people who share your interests and want to be part of a more personal community of users to share challenges and successes with.

For all these reasons, we highly recommend you attend the SyteLine User Network Conference. You will find hidden solutions in the software that could really benefit your company. For more information about registration, accommodations, speakers, the conference app, and more, check out the 2018 SUN Conference website.

See you there!