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Making the enterprise resource planning (ERP) decision involves separating the wheat from the chaff in a hurry, as selecting an ERP system is a costly and time-consuming proposition. The goal is to find the best solution, along with a champion organization that you can trust to lead you through the process. You need to find an A-Team with exceptional experience that will partner with your people, leading them and your organization confidently and smoothly to the promise land that excellent ERP solutions can offer. We know how important proof and results are.

Stop looking! If you take a few minutes to look at who we are and what we offer, you can close the laptop on ERP searches permanently. Infor is a consistent top result in ERP searches for a reason. Companies win, and win big with Infor SyteLine (CloudSuite Industrial). They can expect ongoing increases in production, efficiency, on-time delivery performance, customer satisfaction, all while lowering costs. The Lake Companies is like a tailor for apparel. You feel your best and most confident when you wear clothes tailored to your unique shape. The Lake Companies has over 32 years of experience and excellence in designing, training and implementing the SyteLine solution. It can be tailored to fit your company’s specific and highly unique needs. That fit will have you and your staff quickly advancing with high confidence, adding relief and efficiency to everyone’s work day.

Start looking! Leave all that ERP searching behind, and take a look at your specific industry below. Better yet, take a look at our Clients to see what other companies have achieved after working with us and our solutions. That will provide clear picture of what SyteLine can do for you. If your company fits into one or more of these industries, SyteLine has you covered.

Industrial Machinery & Equipment

Industrial Machinery & EquipmentThis industry commonly deals with complex bills of materials. A customer order for a single product can result in hundreds of manufacturing orders, a flurry of purchasing activity and can consume months of shop floor activity. Whether you manufacture large pieces of equipment or small motors, pumps or valves, the process of making sure the right materials, components, outsourced services, manufacturing operations and capacity… Continue reading →

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Metal Fabrication

Metal Fabrication

Success in the metal fabrication industry is closely tied to reducing work in process inventories by effectively managing the flow of materials through production, while keeping costs as low as possible. Considerable variability in the number and consistency of manufacturing operations performed on any specific component makes this even more challenging.

Even when you are not busy, the process of planning can be beyond human capability. Any breakdown in the process, whether in planning, execution, back office or engineering… Continue reading →

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Precision Machining

Automation and ever evolving technology is pushing Precision Machining Manufacturers to tighter tolerances, smaller components, faster turnaround and smaller lot sizes. Manufacturers are constantly pressured to reduce labor costs, while maintaining impeccable quality. When any individual product can go through a variety of differing machining operations, all it takes is one… Continue reading →

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Medical Devices

parallax_bg_medical-150x150Manufacturers in the medical device industry are obsessed with quality. Much of this is forced on the industry with constantly changing regulatory and government-mandated requirements. Beyond that, internal and customer specific quality requirements extend from vendor supplied materials and services to work-in-process to finished goods’ inventories. The burdens of the industry includes on-going changes in production techniques, emerging innovations in components, technology and materials that drive … Continue reading →

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High Tech & Electronics

parallax_bg_high_tech-150x150The High Tech & Electronics industry is highly dependent on demand from the Aerospace & Defense, Computer, Telecommunications, Industrial Equipment, Medical Device, Industrial Control, Automotive industries and more.  Demand volume and specifications vary considerably over time due to the highly innovate nature of the industry. The ever increasing pace and global reach of industry demands … Continue reading →

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Aerospace & Defense

parallax_bg_aerospace-150x150Manufacturers in the Aerospace and Defense Industry are typically challenged with a need to reduce lead time to win new contracts and retain existing ones. As with any industry, it is essential to manage and control costs to remain competitive. To solve the lead time challenge means streamlining operations, along with having accurate, integrated data and document management for making fast, reliable decisions… Continue reading →

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Specialty Vehicles & RVs

parallax_bg_specialtyVehicles-150x150The Specialty Vehicle Industry carries along with it high material and labor costs. Facilities can be enormous and expensive to handle the size of the products. In addition, a considerable inventory of service parts is needed to respond to customer needs. This is a high cost, high overhead industry that demands high flow assembly matched with the right purchased and manufactured components to meet the needs of assembly. The balancing act is… Continue reading →

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Furniture & Fixtures

parallax_bg_furniture-150x150The Furniture and Fixture Industry is very broad in both the kinds of products manufactured as well as the quantity. Products can range from low volume, engineer-to-order to high volume, repetitive manufacturing needs and all points in between. Products can be made of wood, plastics, metal, fabric and the list goes on. The challenges that face the industry are streamlining production in low volume environments… Continue reading →

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Window & Door

parallax_bg_door_mfgThe Window and Door manufacturing sector has its share of difficulties. Whether you are a specialty window firm, original equipment door manufacturer, aftermarket service parts provider, coupled with being an engineer/design-to-order, make-to-order, made-to-stock, or have products configured to meet the needs of the customer, your business… Continue reading →

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Transportation Equipment

parallax_bg_transEquipment-150x150The Transportation Equipment manufacturing business has its share of challenges. Missing parts or raw materials needed for production, high inventory, production bottlenecks, supply chain challenges, and the list goes on. Combine that with service needs and dynamics can make or break your reputation in the industry. Whether you are a specialty vehicle builder, original equipment manufacturer, Tier 1 or Tier 2 supplier, or an aftermarket service parts provider, your business can be incredibly complex… Continue reading →

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Automotive & OEM

parallax_bg_auto-150x150Automotive and OEM companies are under constant pressure to control costs, meet customer demands, deliver on time, and at the same time, improve the bottom line. Whether you are a specialty vehicle builder, original equipment Tier 1, 2 or 3 supplier, after market service parts provider, or re-manufacturer, whatever the size, type and locale, you need to navigate through an automotive supply chain that’s filled… Continue reading →

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General Manufacturing

parallax_bg_general_mfgIn many cases, companies in the General Manufacturing Industry face considerable challenges. These are the companies who cannot find state-of-the-art ERP solutions for their unique products, opting most often to write their own solutions or worse yet, rely on spreadsheets and cobbled together technologies to attempt to fit their needs. The cost of this kind of ERP solution is expensive, is fraught with redundant entry of information, with the associated risks of… Continue reading →

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