Getting Efficient with SyteLine – A Client Success Story: Part 2

Welcome back to our series on Vita Plus Corporation: a Madison, Wisconsin-based organization specializing in feed products and services for the livestock industry. Operations Manager, Jeff Winkler, shared his story at SyteLineCon 2016 of the transformative effect The Lake Companies’ Doc-Trak™ had on the organization and was awarded third place in the Better Your Best Contest for his innovative and successful use of the product. Doc-Trak not only had a positive impact on operations and day-to-day business, but employee work routines were enhanced and simplified because of the software’s ability to remodel and streamline work processes. Employees from several departments of Vita Plus were eager to speak of their appreciation of Doc-Trak, and how it enabled them to achieve greater efficiency in their daily tasks.

Doc-Trak Impacts the Entire Organization—Employee Testimonials

Winkler said that one of the biggest positive changes Vita Plus saw from implementing Doc-Trak was in employee pride in better being able to service customers, both internally and externally.

The entire customer service team is now excited to get information for customers because it’s quick, accurate, and easy to provide answers. This makes everyone feel proud.

Distribution Center Coordinator

Regarding that feeling of pride, Winkler said, That is purely evident when you go into our facility now. It’s awesome to see people when they know they have the power to get that information and immediately answer a question.

That same feeling of pride can also be seen in the plethora of testimonials employees at Vita Plus said about Doc-Trak.

Wow! A quick and accurate way for me to access labels without getting up from my desk, going to the cabinet, and hoping it’s the most recent label.

Production Scheduler

You mean I don’t have to make calls to other departments and wait for them to respond? I can just go to the item, get the document and email it to the customer!

Ingredient Merchandiser

Manual filing led to errors and was difficult to find when somebody filed it under a scientific name instead of filing it under the common chemistry name.

Production Employee

We now have all the history of order verifications. I don’t have to get up from my desk to get the printed copy, scan it, then email it to the customer. Now we just email it to the customer while we are on the phone, which allows us to answer the question and modify the order immediately.

Customer Service

Much better way for me to answer any question about a delivery from a customer. I can confidently access the information while the customer is on the phone and get accurate answers in seconds.

Customer Service Coordinator

It’s so cool to have the procedures as part of the item in SyteLine. I don’t forget to go looking for some unusual procedures. They are directly linked to the item at the job level.

Production Coordinator

Employees of Vita Plus working outside the office also had positive comments to say about Doc-Trak. Maps and directions are automatically printed on Purchase Orders for Vita Plus truck drivers so they have the necessary addresses, phone numbers, and operating times of the warehouse.

This is great! I can reference the specific vendor pickup notes for each location and send the information with the drivers in a format that’s easy to understand.

Logistic Coordinator

It’s difficult to measure each improvement due to implementation but an indication of our use is evident when examining the Doc-Trak files that we create—almost 7,000 a month. That’s 84,000 documents a year!

Our business has increased 26.5% in the last 3 years. We’ve added no customer service or inventory people during this time and we’ve dramatically improved attitudes towards assisting our internal and external customers about orders, deliveries, inventory, and purchasing simply by having information readily available!

Jeff Winkler


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