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Our friendly and knowledgeable customer support team is your caring, responsive, and reliable resource who’ll make you feel glad you called

When you need immediate help with Infor SyteLine or Lake products for SyteLine, it’s gratifying to speak with people who are calm, understanding, responsive — and capable of quickly resolving the issue.

Whether your problem is a power failure right at month end, a mistake made at an inopportune time or simply the need for an answer to a challenging question, we understand the importance of keeping your business running and the impact technology has on your organization.

The Lake Companies provides the knowledge and expertise to solve simple and complex technology issues, via a host of support methods:

  • Call our dedicated support staff — experienced in software, hardware and operating systems.
  • Email your questions and issues directly to
  • Web:
    • Webex Support Services will diagnose and resolve issues directly on your systems.
    • Knowledge Base Support provides round-the-clock access to our software knowledgebase.
  • On-site support is invaluable when talking will not solve the problem or if Murphy’s Law hits you with the unexpected.

Our philosophy: Nothing is more important than a user or system that’s down. We want to help your company operate at optimal efficiency.

I love working with support.

Support is awesome! I love working with support. They are very prompt when getting back to me and they take the time to work with me in getting an issue resolved.

Bill Gohl
Anderson Instrument

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