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It is no secret that most applications have much more functionality in them than the average company will initially deploy. Best in class organizations adopt the practice of phased implementation. They simplify the change process on their staff by implementing capabilities that are critical to go-live and will provide the fastest ROI today. Then return in later phases to add other features that extend their benefits, driving organizational efficiency and competitive differentiation.

With OnTrak, training is ready whenever you are, whether at home or the office

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The challenge lies in the convenience and cost of doing that. Implementation consultants do not always carry the same knowledge and experience. Occasionally, you will not get your preferred consultant back as they are involved in other engagements. There is always the process of finding time when all stakeholders’ schedules are available. Many times, there are long delays until you can get the person you really want to assist with the training and implementation. Airline travel, along with lodging and other expenses keep going up, all of which add to the consulting fees. Bottom line is that training is expensive and it impacts the ability of the organization to do business. Somehow there has to be a better way.

There is a better way and it is called OnTrak. OnTrak is your path to success implementing any of The Lake Companies products for Infor SyteLine (CloudSuite Industrial). The premise of OnTrak is to get you fully operational at your convenience, and on your schedule. The secret to the success of OnTrak is dramatically lower the cost of training and includes application setup, training and one-on-one coaching and support. This is all accomplished without any need for on-site implementation consultants.

OnTrak consist of the following:

Product Setup – Have the product prepared by experts

  • Expert setup and testing of the product
  • Know that the application is functioning properly
  • Never again get all of your people together for training, only to be held up because the product was not functioning

Online Training – Created by product experts

  • Online training made specifically for each product
  • Unlimited user subscription at no extra cost
  • Professionally prepared training videos that are impactful, concise and complete
  • Managed content so every individual can progress at their own pace and convenience
  • Training is ready whenever you are, whether at home or the office
  • All relevant supporting documentation, illustrations, templates, etc. are a click away
  • You can implement the functionality you wish now and always come back to take advantage of other capabilities later
  • Instantly receive new bonus content as well as training for enhancements that are constantly added to the product
  • Training content made specifically and uniquely for administrators as well as for users
  • Product capabilities for the newest releases and latest versions are always being added
  • Training is specific for each product
  • Bonus lessons for tips and tricks that rarely get documented
  • 12-month usage for any number of users within a company’s e-mail domain

Coaching Calls – By the product experts at The Lake Companies

  • Coaching calls performed by The Lake Companies Success Coaches
  • Calls automatically triggered as users progress through the training
  • Five separate 30 minute coaching calls with our own Success Coach
  • Designed to share additional product knowledge, ideas and strategies for using the products
  • The cost for OnTrak is less than it would cost to have a consultant on-site, and the training is faster and more complete
  • There is no travel or onsite consultant costs, no waiting for a services person to become free, no rescheduling, etc.
  • OnTrak is always available at the convenience of each user and can start immediately

OnTrak automates the entire training process in a convenient, self-paced, or group training environment. It’s always available the moment you need it.

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