Customer-centric Approach is a Winning Ideology for Any Business

Infor is embracing a customer-centric approach to business. In their blog post, “How Infor knows its customers,” Infor is awakening to a whole new customer relationship dynamic that is a win-win for both Infor and their customers.

According to the post, Infor has been realigning all of their employees around customer success. Their Chief Customer Officer, Mary Trick, said, For the sales person, that means identifying the customer’s business needs, and then showing the customer how our solutions will help them address those needs, rather than simply demonstrating one of our excellent solutions. The actions are the same, but our positioning and interest ensures it’s entirely focused on the customer.

Infor’s Chief Business Information Officer, Tim Brown, has also been embracing the customer-centric approach. Brown primarily works with Infor’s health sector clients and places high value on getting to know his customers the old-fashioned way: in-person.

I find meeting face-to-face is extremely beneficial, and it’s how I like to lay the foundations of the partnership. Often, I will get introduced to a customer via the telephone or through a social media platform, but getting to know the customer, figuring out their goals and understand what works best for them is best, for me, in person.

At The Lake Companies, we’ve been doing this since our inception in 1983. We’ve taken pride in the fact that our customer’s success comes first. We knew back in the 80’s that if we served our customers well and shined the spotlight on them, finding their success would be all that matters. However, it goes far beyond how you deal with customers. This approach should be applied to all the relationships of your sales staff, support representatives, implementation consultants, or anyone else in your business. Whether they are working with people within your organization, your vendors, your customer’s purchasing agent, shop floor worker, CFO, planner, customer service representative, receptionist, or even the UPS driver, you should push for their long-term success. When you create an environment that leads to successful outcomes for all your transactions, your reputation is secured.

In today’s socially interactive world, that in itself is a lesson, prototype, and recommendation for success. Just remember one very important point: All it takes is only one oh sh*t to wipe out 1,000 atta girls and atta boys!!