Jordan Fey, PBT International Ltd.

The expanded functionality Doc-Trak has given has been a massive benefit to PBTI as an organization.

Steve, Von Ruden Manufacturing

We have Doc-Trak and it is an awesome tool! It allows us to control critical documents and make them easily available to the shop floor, wherever and whenever needed. It is a very practical application and easy to work with!

Wayne Miller, American Electro Products

I have used Shop-Trak and Doc-Trak and products have served me well. More importantly, the support when I need it is top shelf.

Jeff Winkler, Vita Plus Corporation

The Lake Companies has experienced staff that know the importance of listening to our challenges and then use their expertise to present logical solutions that make a difference to our employees and our customers.

Brian Paff, Hypneumat, Inc.

Lake Companies staff are very professional and personable. We have worked with them for over 20 years and have always been very satisfied with all they have done. I would strongly recommend them for any work you need help with.

Derek Augsburger, Smith Brothers of Berne

Lake Co. is great to work with. They give you the answers and help you need quickly. For new users like us, they were very helpful in getting us up to speed and answering all of our questions about Doc-Trak.

Linda Vick, Trim-Lok, Inc.

We use Doc-Trak throughout our company. Doc-Trak helps our Sales Dept find POs, Shipping information, Drawings, etc. Our Accounting Dept uses Doc-Trak to link Invoices to the Orders and our Production Dept uses Doc-Trak to attach the drawings to the item. This is a great time saver and keeps all needed information in an organized and easy-to-access manner.

Joe Carlone, Linemaster Switch Corporation

Infor SyteLine was the right fit for us because it has built-in best practices, but is also flexible enough to adapt to the existing processes that work for us.

Bret Visalle, AccuSpec Electronics

Using Doc-Trak and Labr-Trak has been extremely beneficial to us in tracking real labor hours, and delivering work instructions to our employees. We couldn’t have been so successful as a company without it.

Don Marshall, CAV Aerospace

I can run a P&L for every site at the touch of a button now. As a result, the two-week, month-end financial consolidation process has been shortened to three days.

Scott Frankenfield, Daniels Manufacturing Corporation

Shop-Trak has greatly increased our ability to quickly and accurately accumulate costs on the shop floor.

Al Yost, Advanced Input Devices

SyteLine gave us the top-of-the-line capabilities we needed at a low total cost of ownership

Peter Jarzynka, Dawar Technologies

The combination of The Lake Companies along with Infor SyteLine is proving to be a strong tool for our end users to be clearly guided in their daily job operations.

Shane Waltmire, Dynamesh

Doc-Trak is great software for linking documents to customers, orders, prospects, etc. Shop-Trak has helped us better handle and account for our materials and jobs.

Keith Thomas, Gorman-Rupp Company

We are using Doc-Trak at this time to archive and send all of our AR documents. We are pleased with the processing capabilities and happy with the Tech Support assistance we have received.

Luke Rains, Preferred Sands

Doc-Trak has allowed us to save large amounts of time consolidating documents for supporting documentation at invoicing along with other areas. With that time saved alone the software has easily paid for itself.

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