AccuSpec Electronics, LLC

AccuSpec Electronics was faced with issues such as an inferior on-time delivery rate, an overload of inventory, and a low return on investment before implementing Infor SyteLine, Labr-Trak, and Doc-Trak. After a 10-week implementation period, AccuSpec achieved an annual ROI of over 400%, automated over 70% of all purchases, and reduced inventory by 25%, all while becoming a paperless manufacturer.

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Advanced Input Systems

Advanced Input Systems (AIS) was in need of an ERP solution capable of supporting over 2,000 unique products while having more than 1,000 jobs in process at any given time. AIS previously had a customized ERP solution for more than 17 years that could no longer support their success. As their business continued to grow, they were in need of a system with advanced capabilities that would not only be easy to use, but would also keep up with their growing production. The system they chose was Infor SyteLine. After a six month implementation period, AIS has been able to streamline several of their processes and has maintained an inventory accuracy of 98%.

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American Excelsior

American Excelsior, a manufacturer of foam products, used Shop-Trak and Doc-Trak to automate both their office and shop floor tasks. Both products are used uniquely to improve their business continuity. In the case of a natural disaster disabling one of their sites, Shop-Trak and Doc-Trak provide the ability to instantly move work from the disabled plant to any other facility. This has been a game-changer for their business and allowed them to improve their ability to service their customers.

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Auburn Vacuum Forming

Auburn Vacuum Forming previously used traditional punch-time clocks and even pen and paper for reporting time spent on certain jobs. After implementing Shop-Trak, Auburn Vacuum Forming quickly became a much more efficient business. They experienced a 100% improvement in accuracy, availability, and clarity of data. Shop-Trak was so efficient for their business, they stated saving three employees two hours each day by automating their labor records.

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The Avedis Zildjian Company Inc.

The Avedis Zildjian Company Inc. has been a manufacturer of cymbals of spectacular clarity and power for nearly four centuries and is recognized as the oldest family-owned business in America. Their products are used by acclaimed musicians worldwide. With SyteLine, Zildjian has been able to provide better data faster to the people who need it. They also saw tremendous time savings. The time needed to prepare monthly financial reports was drastically cut so time could better be spent analyzing the actual data in the reports. Not to mention, access of company documents and spreadsheets is now all available electronically rather than in bulky paper forms.

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Brookfield Engineering

Brookfield Engineering sells and manufactures viscometers, rheometers, and other measuring instruments for laboratory use and online process control applications. SyteLine helped them improve their supply and demand visibility and forecasting, as well as increased their productivity by reducing their number of process transactions. Furthermore, with the help of SyteLine, they did this all while gaining the capabilities to support Kanban Scheduling, Lean manufacturing, and just-in-time production to secure the availability of needed parts.

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CAV Aerospace

CAV Aerospace turned to SyteLine when they struggled with process inconsistencies across their 13 manufacturing locations as the result of each running a different ERP system. The transition to SyteLine provided them with a unified system across all plants, as well as consistent financial reporting delivered on a timely basis.

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Conesys uses Shop-Trak and Doc-Trak on a daily basis to process real-time data from the shop floor to the office. This has led to lower costs of doing business, removed wasteful manual effort, and sped up the flow of information across the company, all while nearly completely eliminating paper throughout their business.

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Dawar Technologies

Dawar has made great progress in labor collection and eliminated paper time sheets from going entirely digital, all within one year of using Shop-Trak and Doc-Trak. Dawar uses Doc-Trak specifically for linking quotes from suppliers to SyteLine’s vendor contracts, giving them instant access to the latest vendor supplied pricing.

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Fluid Components International

Fluid Components International (FCI) is a manufacturer of flow, level, pressure, and temperature sensors with more than 40 years of experience. The implementation of Shop-Trak and Doc-Trak has allowed them to make many of their internal processes and documents real-time and paperless. Visual Dispatch has allowed for accurate status tracking and provides real-time dispatch information right to the shop floor. Shop-Trak and Doc-Trak has provided FCI with access to the most current information at the moment it is needed, without all the unnecessary paperwork.

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FPD Company

FPD Company, a division of Trigon Holding, Inc., manufactures components for aerospace and medical applications. After implementing SyteLine, FPD was able to streamline their documentation processes and therefore significantly reduce their carbon footprint. SyteLine also boosted their engineering and shop floor processes by taking their previous paper instructions, procedures, and drawings all online in an organized fashion.

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Gloucester Engineering

Gloucester Engineering is a manufacturer of plastics that was seeking a solution to help them support future growth by gaining visibility across CRM, sales, finances, and mixed-mode manufacturing. With the implementation of SyteLine, Gloucester reaped tremendous savings, including over $108,000 in annual direct payroll costs, $34,000 in annual software and services costs, and $40,000 annually from leakage through credit and payments.

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Gordon Aluminum Industries

Gordon Aluminum Industries has been a full service aluminum extruder for over 30 years offering fabrication, custom forming and bending, anodizing, and power coating services. With the implementation of Shop-Trak and Doc-Trak, Gordon Aluminum has seen huge reductions in the amount of paper they use and store. Now, paper files that used to hold drawings, purchase orders, order verifications, and customer supply documents are all readily available electronically. Labor collection is also now completely paperless and shop and business metrics are displayed on monitors as living graphics that continually update.

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The Gorman-Rupp Company is a leading manufacturer of pumps and pumping systems for the municipal, water, wastewater, sewage, industrial, construction, petroleum, fire, and OEM markets. They also manufacture a complete line of packaged lift stations, which include pumps, motors, controls, piping, accessories, and enclosures. After the implementation of SyteLine, Gorman-Rupp has seen increased sales, a reduced load on customer service from a smooth online ordering process, and increased the frequency and size of service parts orders. Furthermore, Document Automation has reduced the time to create a proposal document from 3 weeks to a mere 15 minutes.

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Governair designs and manufactures heating, ventilating, and AC systems for industries across the globe. Governair was in search of a well-integrated system that would ensure operational efficiency, inventory management, and reduce processes, all while staying competitive in a tough economic climate. Fast forward two years, with the implementation of SyteLine, Governair grew revenues from $21 million to $45 million and saved $300,000 annually by eliminating inventory. SyteLine also helped them to increase productivity and reduced errors in order-entry, while saving valuable work time, by streamlining their company processes.

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HB Performance Systems, Inc.

HB Performance turned to SyteLine Doc-Trak to de-clutter their thousands of documents, customer records, and job-specific drawings by organizing them into a cohesive online “file cabinet.” HB Performance’s implementation of Doc-Trak helped them achieve lean initiatives both in the office and on the shop floor.

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International Equipment Solutions

International Equipment Solutions is the world’s leading provider of construction attachment tools and consists of 18 manufacturing facilities with 2,800 people throughout North America and other parts of the world. Prior to the implementation of Labr-Trak, IES used a variety of different applications at their various sites to handle the recoding of time and attendance with production. With Labr-Trak, IES eliminated all the others and established best practices throughout all of those sites. They also reduced their carbon footprint by eliminating old paper-based time and attendance in some locations and put into place Kanban replenishments that eliminated the need for paper to be sent to their vendors.

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JBT Corporation

JBT Corporation is a technology solution provider for food processing and air transportation industries. They had considered developing an internal software solution to resolve their data-capturing procedures; however, after management watched a demo on Shop-Trak, they couldn’t see themselves using anything else. Shop-Trak has enabled them to streamline their operations and time reporting all within a single seamless process.

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Kingsbury, Inc.

Kingsbury is a creator of custom ball bearings primarily used with automation and robotics, and has used Doc-Trak to provide exceptional support, product innovation, and superior products and services. With the use of Doc-Trak, Kingsbury’s management team is now more robotic and automated as well.

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Kirby Risk Service Center

Kirby Risk builds and delivers electrical and wiring to vehicle assembly lines. With SyteLine, they have reduced a $1 million inventory swing while improving accuracy. They have also achieved higher production efficiency from their new ability to stay on plan and schedule from having the right comments at the right time.

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MCL Industries

MCL Industries specializes in engineering and manufacturing electrical assemblies for manufacturers of heavy-duty road equipment. MCL was in need of an online organization system to allow employees easy access to assembly instructions and product drawings. Their solution was SyteLine Doc-Trak. After implementation, not only did moral build within the company, but paperwork and overhead costs were reduced, efficiency increased, and communication was strengthened across the entire enterprise.

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Mitsubishi Electric Power Products

Mitsubishi Electric Power Products (MEPPI) is not only a leader within their industry, but also in the utilization of SyteLine’s Doc-Trak. Employees are able to quickly access files since drawings are linked from SharePoint to their respective part numbers in the SyteLine database.

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Poblocki Sign Company

Poblocki Sign Company uses Shop-Trak, Doc-Trak, and Fact-Trak to cut costs, save time, and revolutionize the way they do business. Doc-Trak was necessary for their business when they were required to have hundreds of employees view the same documents at one time, an endeavor that was impossible before electronically linking documents and drawings to Doc-Trak. SyteLine solutions also created major improvements in their customer service department. Customer service employees no longer needed to sit on hold; they no longer needed to dig through file cabinets and were now only a click away from any customer information needed.

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PRC Laser

PRC Laser has been a leading manufacturer of industrial CO2 lasers for over 20 years for a wide variety of material processing applications, including cutting, welding, and converting. PRC is focused on building reliable lasers and helping manufacturers around the world implement laser-based solutions. The use of Labr-Trak and Doc-Trak allowed PRC to accelerate their speed of doing business. PRC saw a 65-70% time savings and a reduction in inventory after implementation, as well as gained the ability to electronically deliver purchase orders and easy access of company documents and drawings to be used throughout the organization.

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Quench USA, Inc.

Quench USA, Inc. is a water technology company that designs, installs, leases, and services “bottle-less” water filtration systems (also known as point-of-use water coolers) and ice dispensers. Already a green company, Quench reduced their carbon footprint even more with the implementation of Doc-Trak by eliminating paper copies of contact invoices and file storage in their offices. With Doc-Trak, Quench is now able to process roughly 8,000 invoices a month, which is over a 50% increase in just one year, and retains all 25,000 of their contacts electronically.

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Rapid-Line is a metal fabrication and contract manufacturing company that successfully reduced their WOP inventory from nine days to only a third of a day: a savings of approximately $50,000-$60,000 per day. Although Rapid-Line is not yet an entirely paperless company, with the use of Doc-Trak, they have replaced a large amount of their documents and drawings from filing cabinets to electronic organization.

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Selux designs and manufactures interior and exterior lighting across North America. By using Shop-Trak and Doc-Trak, Selux has completely removed paper time sheets, which has reduced errors, paper usage, and an entire team of data entry workers, all while they significantly reduced their carbon footprint in the process. The use of these SyteLine programs has also helped them keep their drawings electronically organized and thus saved time by steering them clear of using wrong drawings. Doc-Trak has also been influential in their customer service department since they can now instantly search for customer orders, payment history, and other various customer documents with ease.

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Standard Iron and Wire Works

Standard Iron has been in the metal fabrication business for over 80 years and with their most recent expansion, their corporate headquarters was moved to a new location. Standard Iron relied on Doc-Trak during their move so they had no issues or worries about losing important documents and drawings in the process. Doc-Trak allowed them to electronically link all of their documents so they could literally leave behind their file cabinets at the old location as they moved forward.

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Van Eerd

Van Eerd is a manufacturer of pharmaceutical packaging and was in need of an ERP system that would provide support for their logistic processes, as well as help control and organize their data, drawings, and procedures. Infor’s SyteLine helped them automate and organize their business practices. With SyteLine, they were now able to handle several thousand more custom orders per year and were given the capability to make smart business informed decisions.

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Vomela is an industry-leading print company that makes graphics of all shapes and sizes for interior and exterior signage. Vomela uses Shop-Trak’s Shop Floor Labor Collection, Time & Attendance, and WIP Moves for tracking their parts moving from one operation to another. This has significantly improved both job costing as well as job status information.

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